Past Events

Past Events


Photo exhibition: Offsetting Natural Areas, 2 June 2014, 5-8pm, Regent’s Park Hub, London

Everyday, natural areas are lost to make way for projects driven by corporate greed and land grabbing. This exhibition from 13 different photographers aims to explore how natural areas cannot be offset and showcases just a few examples of brave community resistance from Romania, Brazil, Ecuador, France and the UK.

The on-line version of the exhibition can be visited from here.

DSC07108 (2)2nd Forum on Natural Commons, 2 June 2014, London, UK

We believe it’s time to make space for nature and communities. At the 2nd Forum on Natural Commons, we bring together NGOs, academics, activists including John O’Neill, Peter J Howard, Sarah Watson and others  to discuss nature as a common good that benefits us all.

Download reports from the event here and view photos here.

Nature Not For Sale Forum 01Forum on Natural Commons, 21 November 2013, Edinburgh, UK

An evening conference on the financialisation of nature opposing the World Forum on Natural Capital, also held in Edinburgh.  Speakers included John O’Neill, University of Manchester; Morag Watson, Common Cause; Camila Moreno, Brazil; and Mike Hannis, Open University.  The event was hosted by Jubilee Scotland.

You can view information about the event on this page, here and herePhotos are available here.

Protest against proposed programs like REDD+Nature is Not for Sale Introductory Workshop, 19 November 2013, Edinburgh, UK

A workshop introducing the commodification of nature at the University of Edinburgh with Berber Verpoest, Counter Balance; Tamra Gilbertson, Carbon Trade Watch and Antonio Tricarico, Re:Common.  The event was hosted by Edinburgh University People & Planet.

Some brief information about the workshop is available here.